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Yummy Me Feels So Good by Lion I Am

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Underneath the tree lies Lion I am Me. He's king of all the passing Me's.  Not much bothers Lion I am Me.

He relaxes in his yummy place watching all the passing Me's.

All these feelings come and go, but Lion I am stays on to watch and enjoy the show!

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Parents these children's books about feelings and loving  your self are a great way to explore emotions and self love with your children.


There are animal  pictures in this children's book everyone can enjoy and talk about. This is a beautiful way for your children to make friends with their feelings and learn how to "play" with them. It's also a way to encourage us to keep remembering and returning to positive and nurturing feelings and memories. This creates healthy neural networks in our brains.  Something as simple as remembering an animal or happy feeling can change our whole body chemistry. We can anchor happy feelings and memories  by remembering them and "replaying" them to strengthen our "Happy Muscles"  When we were young feelings came and went quickly and didn't "stick" so much.  A simple belly laugh could easily erase feelings then and bring us back to joy and wonder. and gratitude for just being alive. Watch as a child loses him or herself with an insect, animal, small pebble. or even a faraway star. They are lost in the feeling of wonder and joy. We can all learn to remember that as our natural state of happiness. 


"Lion I AM validates and assists children to experience emotions in a conscious manner -- essential to learning and gaining self-knowledge.  Scientific research has demonstrated that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and abilities to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships.   Yummy Me Feels So Good will help you and your child learn to be “Lions of Love,” to consciously choose and express effectively what you are feeling.  Being watchful and strong like the Lion brings acceptance and maturity in the ever changing world of feelings. Then everyone can share this "feeling of magic” and joy with others.”                 Harold H Bloomfield MD

N.Y. Times bestselling author

After hearing all of the children's book "Yummy Me Feels So Good" without saying a word, these comments came up unsolicited by me from the children.  (Malia, the teacher)

“I am happy to be me. Yummy me helps me to bring the best out in me!”

“I want to be fair.”

“I feel happy to be here.”

“I love this!” then another child chimed in, “So do I!”

From the children

“Sometimes I’m a different strong Me than Lion I Am -

 I am Nene. (Hawaiian goose)  Nene snuggles with lion and they watch the show.”

“Strong and quiet me is a bear.”

“Golden Eagle sits high on the mountain and tree tops scanning for foxes and mice. That is my quiet me.”

"Sometimes when I’m really angry I am a dragon.”

“When I feel mad I feel like a gorilla.”

"These are my favorite books I have ever heard.”

“I've never had books like these. I really love them because they are like nature and about our feelings and stuff. They help us when we have hard times and how to deal with them."

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From  the Teachers

"The children's book Yummy Me is a genius way of helping children immediately connect with the world of emotions through enchanting animal friends. The images and words are so simple and therefore can be grasped by children and adults of all ages. The inquisitive nature of the book prompts self-reflection in the reader and can easily open up space for a dialogue about emotions between an adult and a child, all the while being playfully disguised as animal talk. The children I have shared this book with laugh and grimace as they flip through the pages, mirroring the emotions they feel on the pages. Yummy Me is a great doorway to explore the sometimes difficult arena of emotions, both for children, teachers and parents. Rather than labeling certain emotions as “good” or “bad”, these emotions simply get space to be as they are, and encourage the reader to remember that they too will pass. The final message of the book that we are in fact “none of these” me’s is a refreshing reminder that at any moment we can start our day again from a blank slate.”

Sita Santos

Early Childhood Educator


“I have seen firsthand how taking out this book can transform a child's tantrum into a smile and eventually bursts of laughter. After reading Yummy Me, my three year-old student would say in the middle of the day "I’m feeling like a puffer fish", when in fact she was in quite the grumpy mood!”


“When I started reading Yummy Me in class, my students would start to chime in on the rhyming verse “Who am I? It’s hard to say…” and they loved it!  Due to the inquisitive and playful nature of Yummy Me, students would be so intrigued by the animals and start to blurt out their answers if they resonated with a certain emotion that they were being asked about. It was a great way to check in with how my students were feeling as I remained aware to who was sharing what while I was reading. I would recommend reading Yummy Me as a sort of self-check in book and be open to the dialogues that arise with children as you read rather than using the "mouths shut, ears open" approach."

Fun children's books about feelings for the young at heart

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