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Yummy Me Feels So Good


Available as a hardcover, paperback and ebook on Amazon.

also available to order through book retailers

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Yummy Me Feels So Good

By Lion I Am​

Hardcover, $16.95 retail   |   Paperback, $9.95   |   Ebook, $5.99    pricing from Amazon

Parents this children's book is a great way to explore and play with feelings together with your children. There are animal  pictures that children can enjoy and talk about. This is a beautiful way for your children to make friends with their feelings and learn how to "play" with them. It's also a way to encourage us to keep remembering and returning to positive and nurturing feelings and memories. This creates healthy neural networks in our brains.  Something as simple as remembering an animal or happy feeling can change our whole body chemistry. 


We can anchor happy feelings and memories in our neural networks by remembering them and "replaying" them to strengthen our "Happy Muscles"

We probably all remember when we were young how feelings came and went quickly and didn't "stick" so much.  A simple belly laugh could easily erase feelings then and bring us back to joy and wonder.


This is the feeling of wonder and gratitude for just being alive. Watch as a child loses him or herself with an insect, animal, small pebble. or even a faraway star. They are lost in the feeling of wonder and joy. We can all remember that as our natural happy place we lived in when we were young. We can reclaim this when we give space to and appreciate our children's silent moments of wonder and joy.

Who am I?

Its hard to say. There are so many me's in just one day!

Am I Grumpy Me?

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Am I happy me?

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